Kor Prohok

How to make Cambodian Cheese sauce calls “Kor Prohok”


A plate of cooked fish prahok, a small plate of ripe peppers, garlic, red onion, lemon leaves, lemon leaves, lemon, ripe tamarind juice, straw mushroom (optional) Palm sugar, bicheng sugar, fish sauce Vegetables: Boiled grapes, basil leaves, foam flowers, cornstarch, cucumber, eggplant and watermelon (all kinds according to our preferences).

How to cook:

Firstly, we roast ripe peppers, garlic, red onion, boil well. Then hit and set aside, leave some peppers and do not hit all. Next we decorate the plate take three layers of cooked pork and stir in the pot over low heat, the fat will come out on its own, continue to stir until red, egg yolks, put the base of a lemon leaf, a handful of 4-5 pieces, stir up and down Stir in the prahok and continue stirring until the prahok is fragrant and a little dry. Do not burn the pot and when the fish is hard, stir well and can add spices, add fish meat and orange leaves, stir lightly. Do not stir too much, do not be afraid to break the meat and make enough fish sauce and a little water. The fish is not dry enough, then add water. After that we add enough water as you need to eat boiled water, add mushrooms for 5 minutes to cook mushrooms to taste, add pickles to taste and lift the pot is ready. Please note that this type of food is mostly in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, this kind of food is very common and just have different names depending on the country and how to make it may be a little different. But the taste is similar and delicious, if you look at Cambodia, most people this country nicknamed this dish is a famous provincial dish, Battambang province, just say the name everyone knows. They like to eat it, this dish is accompanied by many kinds of vegetables, the advantage of this dish is to eat Lots of vegetables for vegetarians. Everyone can decorate the dishes to their liking to make the dish even more beautiful.

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