‘’Banana Flower Salad’’

‘’Banana Flower Salad’’

Banana Flower Salad is one of the dishes of the people in Cambodia. This dish has a delicious taste. Especially we need a little bold, such as sour, sweet, salty, spicy to taste well. Moreover this dish can be eaten as a family meals and also such as festivals, weddings, according to the choice and preferences of the host. For more interested, ingredients and how to make it all together. what are the ingredients?


1 banana yolk – 2 lemons Three layers of pork or chicken or beef 250 g can be used more or less as we need. 200 g roasted peanuts – 1 teaspoon of salt – 2 teaspoons of sugar – seasoning powder1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon fish sauce – Red onion 2 or 3 cloves – All kinds of fertilizer leaves

How to do:

Firstly, we peel banana flower in two parts, grate it and slice it in thinly slices. After that we bring that thinly slice of banana flower pour in the water and put lime juice in that water. It is a notice point, we do way so that the banana flower do not turn black. Next we boil chicken or pork in boiling water then remove the meat. But do not pour out the boiling water. Next we make peanut butter, peel a squash, grate it and slice the onion. For more, we use a small bowl of boiling water (water left over from cooking our meat) with salt, ground peanuts. Then add sugar, bean curd, fish sauce and stir together. After that add red onion, pour into a banana tube and mix. Of course, we keep stirring in all the oranges until the bananas are soft. Finally, everyone can decorate the dishes to their liking to make the dish even more beautiful.

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